Neogen tests Reveal mycotoxins

Neogen launches common extraction mycotoxin tests

Neogen Corporation has launched a line of tests for detection of six mycotoxins using a water-based common extraction.

The Reveal Q+ MAX tests for deoxynivalenol (DON), fumonisin, zearalenone (ZON) and T-2/HT-2 toxin add to the Reveal Q+ MAX tests for aflatoxin and ochratoxin.

It consists of lateral flow format testing kits which provide results in three to six minutes (depending on the toxin being tested).  

Common extraction

The format eliminates use of hazardous solvents in the testing process and enables users to test the same common sample extract for each of the six mould toxins.

Common extraction allows flexibility in testing needs without increasing sample processing costs, said Neogen.

Reveal Q+ MAX products quantitation range
  • Aflatoxin         2-300 ppb
  • DON                0.3-30 ppm
  • Fumonisin      0.25-50 ppm
  • Ochratoxin     2-100 ppb
  • Zearalenone  25-1500 ppb
  • T2/HT-2          50-3000 ppb

Test kits are used in markets ranging from feedmills, food manufacturing facilities and alternative fuel plants.

The firm said the need for aqueous kits continues to expand rapidly.

Companies are looking for alternatives to solvent based testing to protect employees and eliminate added expenses associated with handling and disposal of solvents, it added.

Neogen said customers are looking for flexibility in the testing process. 

“The toxin that they need to test for can change depending on the season, or end user requirements. They have told us they don’t want to pay for toxin testing they will not be using (as they must with multi-toxin columns or strips),” it added.

Company claims

Neogen claims the aflatoxin kit offers the best cross-reactivity on the market for the four major ones (B1,B2,G1,G2) ensuring no false negatives.

For DON it is the ability to test other toxins with the same extraction which saves time and money and for Fumonisin it has the largest range of quantitation (0.25 - 50 ppm).

The ZON kit is the first aqueous lateral flow and has the fastest time to result (five minutes), T2/HT-2 has been validated on several grain commodities as well as corn and Ochratoxin is the first lateral flow validated on green coffee as well as cereal grains and has a time to result of five minutes.

Ed Bradley, Neogen’s VP of food safety, said the Reveal Q+ MAX line combines mycotoxin testing innovations into a simple format.

“The line eliminates the need for labs to handle and dispose of harsh chemical solvents, and provides fully quantitative results using a test strip that you simply dip into the extracted sample.

“Our technology also provides testers with a permanent, objective, traceable and actionable test result that is required by a company’s own testing protocols, as well as the various global regulatory agencies, including the USDA, European Food Safety Authority, and others.”

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