A heart healthy bowl of oats, now found to be even more beneficial. ©iStock/5PH

New study on ‘better-for-you’ beta glucans give oats a boost

Study showed that there was a 19% and 18% reduction in the relative risk of heart disease and cancer with a higher nut intake.  Photo: iStock/RTsubin

Study shows nut consumption can reduce risk of cancer, among other diseases

© World Obesity Federation

‘Yo-yo diet’ weight gain may be caused by gut bacteria

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Emulsifier combination backed for ‘optimal’ eggless cake

The DOLCE consortium has added to food categories to its program, including snacks. Pic: ©iStock/Marilyna

DOLCE consortium adds two food categories

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Holista CollTech sets out to develop world’s first low-GI noodles

Picture credit: iStock. Oats are a rich source of beta-glucan

Canadian research finds oat beta-glucan exhibits a lowering effect on all bad cholesterol

Investigating the effect of irradiation on cashew nut and nutmeg.

Novel method developed to detect irradiation of cashew nuts and nutmeg

The problem is healthy fats present food structure problems when replacing other fats. X-ray could help. ©iStock

X-ray fat for formulation wins?

NPD round-up September 2016: Kind bars, Field Trip, Warburtons

NPD round-up September 2016: Limited-batch Kind bars and Warburtons protein bread

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