European Parliament debates cardiovascular disease: Poor diet remains Europe’s biggest killer

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EU lawmakers to discuss companies selling poorer quality food in Eastern Europe

Following Brexit, how closely will UK regulatory officials work with companies within its own borders to lessen the risks? Pic: ©iStock/NicoElNino

The Brexit effect on food safety regulations

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Nestlé baby biscuits exceed EU benchmark levels for acrylamide: French survey

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Acrylamide needs to be regulated at the source, says expert

Fortification is a cost-effective and reliable means of reducing micronutrient malnutrition, says FSSAI. ©iStock

Expert panel established to drive forward India's national fortification plan

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Commission to set maximum acrylamide levels in ready-to-eat foods

If you keep quiet or try to cover up a product recall, others will most often think you have something to hide. Pic: ©iStock/Nastco

How to avoid a PR crisis in five easy steps

An explosion at a PCA paper mill in DeRidder, Louisiana, has left three dead and six injured. Pic: ©iStock/PeterHermesFurian/ihba

Three dead in Packaging Corporation of America paper mill explosion

Using x-ray, foreign matter is detected based on the evaluation of the difference in density between the product and the contaminant. Pic: ©iStock/Sauliakas

Mesutronic introduces entry level foreign body detector

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