Bakeries struggling with calls to cut salt, sugar and fat

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Manufacturers of baked goods are reaching a point where calls to cut salts, fats and sugars in products are becoming detrimental to the quality of their products, a bakery manager has said.

Speaking to in this exclusive podcast, Simon Sloan, general manager of the Fletchers Group of Bakeries Grain D’Or site in North West London, said there was a lot of pressure on the sector to make foods healthier.

 Although the pressure could be perceived as negative, he said the industry had so far stepped up to the challenge.

“If you actually look back and look at what’s been achieved in recent times, then salt in particular have been reduced, sugar and fat has been reduced and yet we’re still making great quality products,” he said.

On the cusp of poor quality

“The downside is, whenever these targets are talked about or the targets are changed, everybody starts talking about the fact that we’re near the cusp of where quality is badly affected. Probably in our case, when it comes to salt reduction, we are on that cusp.”

However, the challenge had to be viewed positively by the industry, as government and non-governmental organisation pressure to make food healthier was always going to be present, he added.

Listen to this exclusive podcast to hear Sloan speak about how the Grain D’Or facility was responding to the challenges.

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