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Halal certification ‘unnecessary’ down under for Special K and Cornflakes, says Kellogg

Some of Kellogg's Australia's products that will no longer carry a halal certification. Pic: Kellogg's

Special K and Cornflakes maker Kellogg Company Australia and WeetBix producer Sanitarium have stopped paying for halal certification, stating their products are ‘inherently halal’.

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Mandatory acrylamide action could be in place by spring 2018


Highest ergot alkaloid levels in rye products - EFSA

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EFSA sets safe intake level for MSG and glutamate additives, urging new maximum levels

India has extended Canada's fumigation exemption in order to continue importing the country's pulses. Pic: ©iStock/Veronika111

India’s pulse exemption allows Canada to avoid penalties


Flour outbreak was first time non-O157 STEC infections identified in Canada

Bakery giant Warburtons has been fined for a second time this year for failing to company with safety regulations for its workers. Pic: ©iStock/NicoElNino

Warburtons faces second 2017 fine of more than £1m ($1.29m) for endangering workers’ safety

Before starting up a gluten-free line, bakers need to consider several important points. Pic: ©iStock/zimmytws

Going gluten-free in a bakery is not just a simple case of swapping ingredients

Allergenic ingredients were not correctly labelled on 10% of products. ©iStock/piotr_malczyk

One in 10 allergenic ingredients not correctly labelled – study

The US FDA has delayed the implementation date of the nutrition facts label. Pic: ©iStock/i-frontier

American Bakers Association applauds FDA for delaying nutrition facts label rule

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