Toastable pastry: Grupo Bimbo files US patent

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The flavored fat is embedded within the dough layers rather than as a coating - ensuring the pastry remains toaster-friendly, Grupo Bimbo says
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Grupo Bimbo has developed a process that uses flavored fats to laminate pastry layers, enabling the end product to be toasted without flavor loss.

The process can be used to make sweet or savory filled croissant-type pastry products that can be used in a conventional toaster. Spiced and seasoned cheese-filled savory pastries can be made or syrup-coated sweet products filled with cocoa, cinnamon or fruit, among others.


“The present disclosure provides a unique and tasteful laminated dough product that incorporates flavor into the dough layers, and which can be further shaped to fit into a conventional toaster,” Grupo Bimbo said in the patent filing.

The flavor is integrated into the dough during the lamination process (sheeting and folding), rather than applied after lamination, which makes it more suitable to toasting, the company said.

“Since the flavoring is embedded within the dough layers rather than being applied as a coating or topping, the flavor remains integrated within the pastry and provides a unique and robust flavor. Furthermore, such a method of integrating flavor into the dough layers avoids spillage or problems that could arise when a pastry flavored with a traditional topping or filling is inserted into a toaster.”

To achieve a baked good that can be toasted, the laminated dough is rolled to achieve a desired thickness before baking, proofing and coating, the patent detailed.

Flavored fats

The flavored fat composition is formed by mixing fat and at least one natural or artificial flavor additive – for example butter, margarine or shortening.

The filling can be incorporated into the fat layer, as opposed to the dough layer, which prevents certain filings killing the yeast activity in the dough. It is possible to include a further filling layer in addition to the pastry dough and flavored fat layers, Grupo Bimbo wrote.

“Methods of creating different variants of laminated dough products are continually being developed in order to differentiate baked goods on the market,” it said.

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