Scientists decode cereal gene map to tackle climate change

International scientists have decoded the pearl millet genome to understand the crop's coping abilities against extreme heat and drought - crucial as it's the staple food for millions in Africa and India. Pic: ©GettyImages/quickshooting

A group of international scientists has decoded the pearl millet genome to discover how the crop survives high temperatures and drought.

Acrylamide can be found in baked goods, such as biscuits and cookies. © iStock/Nastco

EU injects €1.5m into acrylamide research

Ingredion's researchers have created a range of clean-label tapioca flours that it is launching globally. Pic: ©iStock/Boonchuay1970/fototips

Ingredion launches range of clean label tapioca flours

Calbee has resumed normal operations following disrupted potato chip production, and is launch range of new flavors denoting a speciality dish from each of Japan's 47 prefectures. Pic: Calbee

Calbee back in full swing as potato supplies recover in Japan

CSM Bakery believe its collaboration with 3D Systems could reshape the food industry. Pic: CSM Bakery Solutions

CSM Bakery and 3D Systems to bring 3D printing to food industry

US researchers are now suggesting that Americans should include more grains foods like bread and rolls in their daily diets. Pic: ©iStock/Mfotophile

Public health risk - Americans do not eat enough bread: study finds

Globally, few shoppers are interested in gluten=free products because of gluten intolerance, however, the trend has become mainstream. Pic: ©iStock/Highwaystarz-Photography

Gluten-free surges into mainstream despite challenges

Portuguese scientists have found that fruit and yeast by-products can enhance the health benefits of wheat bread and reduce waste in the environment. Pic: ©iStock/PhotosArt/al_ter/anna1311/Kovaleva_Ka/KariHoglund

The eco-health benefits of fortifying bread with fruit by-products: study

Scientists in India conducted a study to develop health-promoting breads fortified with pomelo. Pic: ©iStock/thaloengsak

Bread fortified with pomelo lowers GI and risk of diabetes: study


Gluten-free products ‘not as healthy’ as conventional

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