Special edition: Active, intelligent packaging

Luxury drinks market gives rise to premium intelligent packaging in confectionery

API works with companies including Leonida. Picture: API.

API, which focuses on intelligent packaging is exploring luxury markets in confectionery, thanks to an increase in the markets-within-markets phenomenon, continuing the current trends of premiumization and segmentation in FMCG, led by drinks.

Richard Burhouse, commercial director, API, said it expects to see an increasing level of individualization in future in both luxury confectionery packaging and luxury packaging in general.

More individualization

Holography is no longer new, and while effects like rainbows, pillars of light, and microdots enhance brands, we are striving to deliver the next intelligent technology, driven by the latest trends,” he said.

We anticipate more individualization of the type we have already seen in, for example, craft beers. This is why we are investing heavily in our custom holography capacity.”

According to Burhouse, in the last few years, there has been a rise in enhancements and embellishments within the supermarket retail channel – particularly Lidl and Aldi – for luxury, own-brand, seasonal products.

This has coincided with a sharp rise in sales for these products – and ‘is a sign that we will see more of this from supermarkets in the future’.

A key challenge for anyone in the packaging industry is the fact that customers are increasingly aware of the need to deliver packaging that not only offers brand impact but is environmentally sustainable,” he added.

One way API has responded to this challenge is with Transmet, a film-free laminate option for paper and paperboard that retains the luxury feel and standout quality of our other laminates while offering impeccable sustainability credentials.

Similarly, our popular OneBoard has been further enhanced to provide customers with a whiter finish and full Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) Certification – both of which help it meet the demand for environmentally-sensitive and impactful packaging provided in quick lead-times.”

Holographic effects

API uses its holographic effects for intelligent packaging to represent the unique selling points of an individual brand through the latest trends in luxury foils and laminates.

Our recent work with Package InSight at Clemson University underlines the decisive impact of our foils and laminates on consumers’ purchasing decisions. Using eye-tracking technology, it found that for both Belgian and Swiss luxury chocolates participants’ gazes fixated significantly more often, and for significantly longer, on foiled and laminated packs than on untreated ones that were otherwise identical. Importantly, it showed participants were also more likely to purchase the metallized packs,” said Burhouse.

He added it believes the depth of its focus on the individual marks the company out from the crowd.

Our designs embody an intense level of pack personalization, ensuring when it comes to the retail store – the customer is greeted by a truly distinctive pack design that delivers the unique brand values,” he said.

We work closely with a brand’s design teams throughout the process, to gain the understanding of each brand personality so that we can represent this in the final packaging.”

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