General Mills wins fight to label Nature Valley granola bars as ‘natural’

General Mills' Nature Valley granola bars were the latest to face a '100% natural' lawsuit over the weed killer glyphosate. Pic: ©iStock/Feverpitched

General Mills has won a lawsuit alleging its Nature Valley granola bars cannot be labelled “100% natural” as they purportedly contain traces of herbicide.

© iStock/YelenaYemchuk

Long-fibre prebiotics show promising sweetness, say scientists

An initial twenty new jobs will be created. © iStock/MarianVejcik

Caramel supplier Nigay to open €20m French factory

Scientists have identified the genome sequence of Wild Emmer - the ancestor of modern wheat - which could enable them to cherry-pick the more advantageous genes and characterists involved in domestication. Pic: ©iStock/monsitj

Cereal breakthrough: Scientists unveil wild wheat genome sequence capable of boosting future food production

David Janow, CEO of Axiom Foods, sees more and more of the bakery sector using plant-based proteins.

Bakery sector registers biggest growth of plant-based proteins: Axiom Foods

Camlin Fine Sciences says the use of synthetic antioxidants are just as important as natural ones in the bakery industry. Pic: ©iStock/wideonet

Synthetic antioxidants as important as natural counterparts for bakeries, says Camlin Fine Sciences

Cocoa Fiber FICAO appears as a dark brown powder, says developer Moner Cocoa. Photo: Moner Cocoa

US demand for cocoa fibers to grow amid FDA review, says Moner Cocoa

Process that treats whey with gas plasma boosts bioefficiency, developers claim

Process that treats whey with gas plasma boosts bioefficiency, developers claim

India has extended Canada's fumigation exemption in order to continue importing the country's pulses. Pic: ©iStock/Veronika111

India’s pulse exemption allows Canada to avoid penalties

Asenzya's corporate chef said naming is a major challenge to introduce Asian flavors to US snackers. Pic: DesignNPrint

Asian ingredients and flavors set to grow in US snacks market: Asenzya

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